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SWORD Enterprise

SWORD Enterprise is our mobile based threat detection solution including our multi-tier technologies:

  • Concealed Weapon Detection
  • Facial Recognition powered by FaceFirst
  • Gunshot Detection

With SWORD Enterprise we kept efficiency and mobility in mind during our design. The unit is easily setup within seconds and no power is required. Once a threat is detected, SWORD instantly identifies the person, if they are listed on the database, and the location of the weapon is shown on a screen to the operator.

We provide a seamless customer experience with high throughput so that only the threats are identified, powered by our SWORD AI backend, to allow real-time actionable intelligence.

With SWORD Enterprise, threats and notifications detected by SWORD will be pushed directly to a heads-up display in form of Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses. Vuzix Blade will be included in each SWORD Enterprise system and provides a see-through display that allows customers to receive the real time critical threat notifications through a should be hands-free device. This allows the customer to roam around and still be able to see critical threat information.

Product Features

Facial Recognition powered by FaceFirst


Gunshot Detection


Vuzix Blade AR Glasses