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About Us

The company was founded in 1994 with a mission to assist organisations in solving perplexing problems around safety, security and loss control issues.

Our general approach is one of a conservative, professional and prepared response. Our employees are well-trained specialists and every-one reflects professionalism, loyalty, integrity, reliability, dedication and experience.

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Solid Infrastructure

Measured growth and a stable client base has ensured a solid infrastructure. Operations ability is assured by a team of 10 full time investigators backed-up by about 60 field agents at any time.

Employees are Well Trained

As mentioned above, our employees are well trained, also with regard to the requirements of the Labour Relations Act. This puts them in a position to advise and assist clients on the correct procedures to be followed before embarking on investigations or exercising disciplinary action.

Mindful of the Consequences
of Labour Unrest

But not only that, the BROOKE INTERNATIONAL employees are themselves very mindful of the consequences of labour unrest and therefore conduct their assignments in a very discreet manner.